Our cancer rehabilitation exercise scheme has been running at the Osprey Leisure Centre in Portland for 5 months now and over 30 people have already benefited.  C’Siders and other friends provide voluntary support by handling the registration process and setting up the exercise equipment for each session.

Of those participants who have already completed their free sessions, most still attend. Some have got the bug and also started taking part in other exercise classes!  Here are some of their comments:

“My energy levels, stamina, general well-being and state of mind have all improved since I began the exercise programme. I’ve lost some weight and changed body shape. I intend to continue!”
“When I started I was walking with a stick; now I don’t need it.”
“I feel a lot fitter and my joints are a lot better.”
“I have improved, certainly in balance and flexibility.”
“The course has encouraged me to do more exercise at home.”

As many have commented, it is not just the exercise which is a benefit, it is the company of others with similar experiences and the fun that they can have whilst exercising.

“I have gained self-confidence and enjoy every day I attend.”

We had some visitors recently and one, Gill Taylor, Mayor of Weymouth and Portland, noticed that everyone was enjoying themselves.

Often cancer patients feel ‘cast adrift’ when the appointments for tests, consultations and treatments are over. They are advised to get exercise but don’t know where to go or what they should or shouldn’t be doing.  C’Fit provides a supportive, understanding environment in which to safely start gentle exercise again.

“I feel more ‘myself’ … getting back to normal.”

For more information, ask your health team, check our C’Fit page, contact us, or call Osprey Leisure Centre on 01305 824378.

Enjoying getting fit with C’Fit