This may be something to consider in helping you through your cancer journey.  This is what Glen has to say.

A couple of years ago, Anna and I decided to attend a ‘Cancer Festival’. Turned out to be one of the best things we’ve ever done!

Now I appreciate those are not two words you’d normally associate with each other BUT, it was a festival, (with live music, food and drink stalls, camping etc) AND it focussed on supporting people with a cancer diagnosis – at any stage, with presentations from Integrative Doctors, GPs, Nutitionists, plus people who approach this in conjunction with traditional therapies but from a direction that traditional therapies won’t.

We met some amazing people, from people in treatment and post treatment, to people living with cancer 28 years on from initial diagnosis, to Professionals who have also supported us on our journey.

The Festival is run by an ex cancer patient called Sophie Trew and is called Trew Fields.

With Covid-19, the Festival couldn’t happen this year so, Sophie has decided to start up ‘Trew Health’, a Club where, through the medium of Zoom, you can have access to workshops and presentations all designed to help you, wherever you are on your journey. The approach is basically that if you help yourself have a better physical, nutritional and mental balance, it can make any conventional or other chosen therapy work more effectively (and there is scientific evidence to support this).

The club has had an initial membership to test how the programme would run prior to general roll-out, and from our personal experience, it’s been exceptionally good. Each month, you’ll hear expert talks, workshops, plus yoga and breathwork sessions. So far we’ve had talks of gut health, strengthening the immune system and the mind-body connection, and talks on the medicinal properties of certain foods.

Sophie is now looking expand Trew Health to others who are on this journey and this is where YOU come in. She is now inviting anyone who is interested in becoming a paid member of Trew Health to get in touch, so they may benefit from the knowledge of experts who work in conjunction with, and beyond, the chemical, surgical and radiation approaches.

If you’re interested but would like to know more have a look here:

New membership opens between 26th to 30th September and then won’t reopen until 2021 as it’s proved so popular and she doesn’t wish to quickly oversubscribe. So if you’re interested now, email me at and I will send your email address to Sophie so she can contact you with details and costs directly.

Anna and I continue to learn and benefit from this community – here’s your chance to do the same. It’s a fun and interactive support network.

Below is a testimonial from one of the original members, Lin.

All the best as always,

“Every month I learn something new to add to my toolkit, and that’s exactly what this community is all about. Learning and supporting each other in a very safe environment. One of my favourite monthly treats is the breathwork session that Sophie runs, often accompanied by a mini yoga/ meditation session too.

It is the best thing I’ve done for my health and I’m not exaggerating when I say that since joining this group I have felt freer, lighter, more in control of my disease from a mental perspective and happier than ever. I will forever be grateful that I happened across this community.” Lin – Stage 4 Breast Cancer – Diagnosed May 2018 and getting stronger and stronger every day.


Trew Health – an opportunity